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SDZ-300BS DC output Automatic Commutator Spot Welding Machine

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SDZ-300BS DC output Automatic Commutator Spot Welding Machine

This machine is designed for motor commutator and thicker armature winding connection of a special welding equipment.Imported PLC controller and touch screen display control welding action, servo motor torque control mode pressure, driven by synchronous pulley screw control welding, in a single solder joint can be set pressure, the configuration of high-power MMA sub-inverter welding Machine control, can be set current, constant power, constant voltage control, a variety of welding code number, multi-section power mode. With the current slow rise, slow down function. Can be selected by the reasonable choice of welding current to achieve high-quality welding, the workpiece mechanical positioning on the slot, can be set to the angle compensation, with built-in cooling water tank, import solenoid valve control welding cylinder, fast and stable, all actions once completed Simple, superior performance, high-quality welding.

Technicai Parameters

Supply voltage AC380??10%  50Hz

Air pressure



IPB-5000   /   IS-300A

Short Circuit Current 5000A   /  10000A

Wire diameter 


Rotor Diameter


Shaft diameter 


Commutator diameter


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